Chain cleaning and lubrication using Rocket Wax


In order to fully exploit Rocket Wax's potential it has to be used on a chain free from dirt and other lubricants. The same applies to new chains which are prelubricated in the factories.


First step in chain cleaning is preliminary cleansing form dirt and lubricant. It can be done using chain cleaning device or wiht a cloth dampened with chain cleaner, kerosine, thinner, or turpentine. After preliminary cleansing the next step is to remove the chain from the drivetrain. If the chain is not equipped with chain link than it has to be split using chain tool. Otherwise one just has to break the quick link. The best way to clean the chain is by using ultrasonic cleaner, but it can be easily substituted by a jar (or any other container) filled with chain cleaner (or it's substitute). You put the chain into container, close it tightly and shake it vigorously. This way the cleaning agent gest betweend chain parts (pins, bushings, rollers and plates) that are not accesible for the cloth of chain cleaning device. After such "shock therapy" one takes the chain out of the container, wipes it with a clean cloth and hangs it for dozen minutes to dry out.

Apart from the chain one has to clean the jockey wheels, casette and chainrings as dirt and lubricant can be found over there as well. It can be done using dedicated brush (or used toothbrush) and chain cleaner (or it's substitute).

Once the drivetrain is clean one can install the clean chain on it. If your chain did not have quick removal chain link than you will have to get yourself one. After making sure that the chain is installed properly, with emphasis on it's routing through the rear derailleur, one can start lubricating it. 

The proper way to lubricate the chain with Rocket Wax is by applying one drop on each chain roller. Shake the Rocket Wax bottle well before use and apply a drop of it on top of each chain roller. Once it's done do not wipe down the chain and let the Rocket Wax solidify. After 15 minutes repeat the application process and let the second layer of Rocket Wax solidify as well. After such application the Rocket Wax coating should last about 250 km (depending on road and weather conditions).